Giving of Time, Treasure or Talent


The origins of altar guild work go back to the earliest days of the church. When the first Christians gathered together to break bread at each other’s houses, it was the responsibility of the host family to make the arrangements for the meal. Among other things, the purpose of the altar guild is to assist in preparing the church and Altar for worship. They take care of all things associated with the celebration of the sacraments. Typically the member’s work in teams of two, each team assigned to care for the sanctuary one week at a time.



All Saints has an exciting music tradition, and an informal group of musicians practice weekly to lead and to offer exciting music in worship. All Saints uses a blend of traditional and contemporary music for worship and enjoys excellent formal organ style music, together with a host of other instruments.



Communion Assistants form a lay ministry which assists in the administration of the chalice at the Eucharist. They are licensed by the Bishop under the Rector. Any person who is a regular confirmed communicant in the Diocese of Athabasca, who has reached their 16th birthday is eligible for this ministry.



Welcoming people arriving at Church is part of the ministry of hospitality. Greeters help the church by preparing the environment for worship. Greeters usually serve in pairs approximately one Sunday a month according to a published schedule.



This group of people keep All Saints updated to using informations systems  relevant  for our time in worship. They run the computer and projection-side of worship, design advertisements and remind worshippers about things using technology. They also help in web page design, and with the sound team ensure smooth reception of sound at worship.



Lay Readers are licensed by the Bishop to assist in leading worship,preaching, and conducting services in their local congregations.Any person who is a regular confirmed communicant in the Diocese of Athabasca, who has reached their 16th birthday, is eligible to be trained as a Lay Reader. They lead funerals and other services as needed in the community.



This is the ministry of proclaiming God’s Word in the community of faith.Each Sunday alector is assigned to read the appointed lessons for the congregation. Lectors normally read about once a month.





This group of mainly young people assist at worship by serving at the altar, carrying the cross and candles, and assist with the smooth flow of worship. They form an integral part of worship at All Saints.




Sunday School for children 3-12 years old  is offered during the weekly worship service. Children usually begin the service with their parents and return later  to receive Holy Communion with their family. There is a young children’s class for 3-6 year olds as well as an older class. We have a team of excellent teachers and helpers who provide creative, fun, bible based lessons.